Further researches

There is a sidewalk art installation called “Pulse Of The City” by George Zisiadis. The installation is about heartbeat, similar to my idea. It transforms viewers’ heartbeats into music.

Pulse of the City

Pulse of the City

I got some inspiration from “Pulse Of The City” and have considered to combine the heartbeat and EGG sound with music. However, one of the messages that I want to express is think purely about our real selves. If I combine the heartbeat with music, music will become an obstacle. Sometimes, when there is other sound, we could not meditate. Therefore, I decided to play the heartbeat and ECG sound only.

As I have decided the topic, so I do some researches on the materials that I can use in my ISP.

Heart Picture

Heartbeat Sound:

Heartbeat Picture

Electrocardiography Sound:



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